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These five places – varying from a city centre building to a large site on the urban fringe -  demonstrate how squatters have appropriated space in the city and adapted them to suit their own ideas and needs. The locations were squatted at various moments in time and for different reasons, whether it be to offer housing to refugees, or to start an autonomous space, or to build a place that combined living and workspace. The spatial transformation of these spaces over time has been examined in conjunction with the residents and other stakeholders. The exhibition displays historical material and drawings, as well as a photo essay by Johannes Schwartz on the five locations.

René Boer (Failed Architecture), Marina Otero Verzier (Head of R&D, Het Nieuwe Instituut), Katía Truijen, Roos van Strien, Maria Duarte, Marten Kuijpers (R&D, Het Nieuwe Instituut)
ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]
Jakub Straka with Sepus Noordmans
Johannes Schwartz

This project is part of the programme track Landscape and Interior and the folder A series on the changing landscape.