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The squatting movement has played a major role in the design of the urban fabric and domestic interior, and continues to propose alternatives to dominant, market-oriented housing policies. Architecture of Appropriation acknowledges squatting as an architectural practice. The project analyzes six locations in the Netherlands through architectural drawings, interviews, and archival material to build up a record of past and current struggles, spaces, and oral histories, forming the basis for a new acquisition policy for the State Archive for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning. The project brings the expertise of the squatting movement together with architects, archivists, scholars, and lawyers, to discuss approaches to the research, archival practices and representation of precarious, non-author-based, and often criminalized spatial practices in the institutional framework of an archive and museum. 


Spaces of Assembly workshop report

The workshop ‘Spaces of Assembly’ was held in the 9 de Julho-building in São Paulo from November 4-7 November 2017. It aimed to provide an assembly, a central gathering space for small groups to discuss strategies to enhance an inclusive city that accommodates its diverse population.

Graham Foundation Grant 2017

4 AUGUST 2017

Architecture of Appropriation, Het Nieuwe Instituut's long-term research project and upcoming publication on squatting as spatial practice, has been awarded a 2017 Graham Foundation Grant to organisations.

MuseumNext presentation

15 JUNE 2017

Taking as a departure point the collective research that Het Nieuwe Instituut is conducting into squatting as an architectural practice (Architecture of Appropriation), Marina Otero Verzier and Katia Truijen will present a paper at the international MuseumNext conference in Rotterdam on 28 June 2017 that examines the role of museums in the construction of the history of the city and its inhabitants.

Interview René Boer

20 APRIL 2017

Urban and architectural researcher, writer and activist René Boer is part of the curatorial team for the exhibition Architecture of Appropriation.

Architecture of Control in The New Garden

20 APRIL 2017

A small plot of land in Het Nieuwe Instituut’s New Garden has been appropriated! Every ten days the initiators of ‘Architecture of Control’ will transform the white tower they installed, investigating different functions of the tower as an object.

Interview with Jakub Straka

9 APRIL 2017

An interview with graphic designer Jakub Straka.

Fight, Squat, Resist: Housing Alternatives of Social Movements in Architecture of Appropriation

31 MARCH 2017

From Thursday 30 March 2017 the installation Fight, Squat, Resist: Housing Alternatives of Social Movements will be on view as part of Architecture of Appropriation, a long-term research project on squatting as a form of architecture, now on at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Listen to: Squatting as the Performance of Justice

16 FEBRUARY 2017

We often think of architecture as representing this or that. As if it is primarily a symbolic language speaking to us about other things without itself doing much else. But what if it is more than that? Architecture helps us perform our lives, even in its symbolic deeds. With Jacob Voorthuis and Students from the Master in Architecture, Urban Design and Engineering (AUDE) at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Reinier Kranendonk 'squats' Architecture of Appropriation


On 6 February 2017 artist Reinier Kranendonk took over part of the exhibition space of Architecture of Appropriation on the third floor of Het Nieuwe Institute with Todopia, the semi-mobile living / workspace he designed and that was on display in the institute's foyer the previous week. Kranendonk issued a written statement to explain his motivation, commenting that it would be in keeping with the spirit of Architecture of Appropriation to move Todopia within the exhibition itself.


In 2016 Het Nieuwe Instituut embarked on a research programme around squatting as a form of architecture. The project aimed to open up a discussion on the inclusion of criminalized spatial practices in architectural debates and platforms, while acknowledging the precariousness of the communities involved as well as the need to carefully limit the processes of institutional appropriation. The project has assessed forms of architectural representation and the role of archives and museums as social and political agents, including the forms of control and consumption and changing conditions for inclusion and exclusion that this position facilitates. 

Arcitecture of Appropriation: ICAM19

Paper presentation, 11/09/18

Architecture of Appropriation: International Architecture Biennial São Paulo

at Ocupação 9 de Julho Rua Álvaro de Carvalho, 427 São Paulo, Brazil

Era o Hotel Cambridge

Screening, 29/06/17
29/01 – 20/08/2017

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam

René Boer (Failed Architecture), Marina Otero Verzier (Head of R&D, Het Nieuwe Instituut), Katía Truijen, Roos van Strien, Maria Duarte, Marten Kuijpers (R&D, Het Nieuwe Instituut)
ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]
Jakub Straka with Sepus Noordmans
Johannes Schwartz

This project is part of the programme track Landscape and Interior and the folder A series on the changing landscape.