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Urban and architectural researcher, writer and activist René Boer is part of the curatorial team for the exhibition Architecture of Appropriation. Here is the inteview he gave at Het Nieuwe Instituut on his curatorial approach.

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"`Squatting is often associated with this specific period in the seventies and eighties. In popular culture, it is often presented in relation to the subcultural aesthetics of that time, while in academic research it is frequently approached as a historical social movement. What is less known, however, is what we are attempting to communicate in the exhibition is that, from its early days, squatting in the Netherlands has developed into a highly institutionalized spatial practice."

On 2 February 2017 Boer gave a presentation at the Thursday Night Live event 'Squatting the Archive'. 

René Boer, Marina Otero Verzier and Katía Truijen in collaboration with the communities of ADM, Plantage Dok, Poortgebouw, Wijde Heisteeg 7, Landbouwbelang and Vluchtmaat
Graphic design: Maud Vervenne (publication), Jakub Straka with Sepus Noordmans (installation)
ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]
Johannes Schwartz
Cathy Brickwood, Aurora Bertoli

This project is part of the programme track Landscape and Interior and the folder A series on the changing landscape.